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Matteo Guidicelli Joined The Army Reserve Command To Show His Love For The Country

Image from ARECOM FB Post

Filipino-Italian actor, model, triathlete and singer, Matteo Guidicelli wished on his birthday during the morning show ”Magandang Buhay” to attend military school. Now the actor has officially joined the Philippine Army under the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM).

In his instagram account, Matteo posted photos of him taking an oath at the Army Reserve Command headquarters in Tanza, Cavite.


He shared how his love for the Philippines motivated him to join the Army as a reservist.


Matteo also shared the reason behind his decision at the #SangguniangKabataanNationalConvention2019


“I think you should focus on one and be more efficient in what you do in helping out. I said why don’t I join the army reserve”, Matteo told himself. He then continued saying “Just looking at the flag and have so much respect and being so proud you’re a Filipino. I want to teach this, I want to show this to the youth”.

Along with Guidicelli are Ivan Carapiet, and Luis Ruiz. The ARESCOM Facebook Page posted on April 15, 2019:

“Matteo Guidicelli and Ivan Carapeit join the Army

Three brave souls took oath as reservists of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Has ARESCOM, Tanza, Cavite today (April 15,2019).

Matteo Guidicelli, Ivan Carapeit and Luis Ruiz were enlisted as Private whose rank were donned by Major General Bernie Langub, ARESCOM Commander during the flagraising ceremony.

The new reservists will soon be taking trainings in order to prepare them in the event of natural disasters and national emergencies.

Also attending the activity were the family members of Guidicelli and Carapeit who are all supportive of their son’s chosen career to serve the country.

“The rank is emplaced near their heart because it means only those who have the heart to serve will be fit to wear the uniform,” MGen Bernie Langub said. “It is beyond the uniform, it is all about willingness to serve the country and being prepared for any eventuality.”

“I congratulate these brave young men for choosing to serve,” added MGen Langub.

The Army Reserve Command is the unit whose primary mission is to recruit, motivate, administer, train and equip reservists in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The unit is open to all Filipino citizens who are willing to serve the country in the most noble way as members of the reserve component of the AFP.”


Image from ARESCOM FB Post


Before taking oath as Army reservist, Guidicelli also took his oath as a member of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, together with personalities Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico.

Image from Nico Bolzico’s Instagram

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