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Maute Group attacks Marawi City

Photo by Chico Dimaro Usman

It is really not easy to live in a City that is not safe anymore.

Residents of Marawi City panicked as they heard a loud explosions last Tuesday afternoon, May 23 when clashes blow up against Military and Local Terrorists Group.


Dansalan College on Fire.
Photo grab from ABS-CBN News


Photo from @du_kartoffel

Some people saw the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) flag atop of two vehicles roaming the streets of Marawi City. Reports said armed men have occupied the Amai Pakpak Medical Center with the flag allegedly replacing the Philippine flag with an ISIS flag. It is also confirmed that the City Hall and City Jail has been occupied by the Maute Bandits and unfortunately, the church, Ninoy Aquino School, City Jail and Dansalan College have been set on fire by the Bandits.

Photo credits to PHILSTAR.COM

The situation just got worsened when the Fires broke out, power was cut and clashes continued. At exactly 11:30 from Russia, President Rodrigo Duterte announced 60 days martial law in all Mindanao areas.It is reported that there are 3 security forces killed and 12 others hurt.

Marawi City attacked by suspected ISIS inspired militants belonging to the Maute group on May 23, 2017. Photo by Chico Dimaro Usman

It is known that the Maute Group is the great supporter of Islamic State (ISIS) through the years.

But, what do you think might be the reason the Maute Bandits trying to dominate the City? Is it because the President is still out of the Country? Then, will they give up if the President came back?

We really don’t know what will happen next once the President comes back from Russia.

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