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Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray Homecoming


Miss Universe is the biggest beauty pageant conducted every year. Ladies from different countries compete for the title and crown to bring for their respective home. From the beginning of the said pageant until its coronation night, people are really monitoring it with the hope that their representative is on top of the ranking.

Philippines, one of the countries who usually give a great representative, has been failed in bringing the title and crown home during the past years after the first two Filipinas who won Miss Universe. However, Philippines got the title and crown again on year 2015 when Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback won. After her winning time, Philippines representative already usually in the top-ranking list. Recently, Philippines got again the title and crown as Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray won the pageant. Catriona Gray nailed every segment of the pageant that got good feedback from many people. Catriona Gray also answered all thr questions very comprehensive and true which lead her to be the Miss Universe 2018. Catriona Gray felt thankful for all the people who supported her along the way.

To extend her gratitude towards Filipinos, Catriona Gray went back to the Philippines. She have series of interviews and a lot of guestings. In every show she attended, she never forgot to say thank you for all the Filipinos who never failed to show support. Catriona Gray proved how proud she is to be a Filipina.


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