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Mocha Uson Appointed as MTRCB Member by President Digong

mocha uson

Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

The news of Mocha Uson’s appointment as a Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Member just made a buzz in social media which was confirmed by the Executive Secretary himself, Salvador Medialdea. Being appointed by no less than the President of the Philippines Republic, “Mocha Uson now joins the list of celebrity campaign supporters of Duterte with a government position”, said Rappler.

Mocha Uson, despite being a controversial blogger and entertainer, has been known for her unflagging support for President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte. Mocha, her girl group, “Mocha Girls”, and her blog, Mocha Uson Blog, are remembered to have shot national fame after her all-female group of dancers’ made several appearances during the then candidate Digong’s sorties.

Today, she is no longer just the known blogger/entertainer, but a respected member of one of the most influential agencies in the Philippine Media, as her appointment for the said position was confirmed on Thursday, January 5.

According to Rappler,   Mocha Uson’s appointment papers are already with the agency, as confirmed by MTRCB Chairman Eugenio Villareal. “The MTRCB received recently a copy of Ms Uson’s appointment letter signed by the President; but she has yet to assume office in the agency”, he said. Mocha Uson’s term as an MTRCB Member is due on September 30 next year, as stated in her appointment paper which was read out by the Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella.

Mocha Uson’s influence as a blogger and experience as an artist were her qualifications to be an MTRCB Member, said Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, when asked. “What makes her not qualified? Mocha is an artist; she’s one of the biggest artists we have in the country. She’s been in the show business world for more than a decade already. She’s an educated person. She’s one of the biggest bloggers we have in the Philippines; very influential,” said Andanar.


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