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92 year-old Man sings their love song to his dying wife

Is forever exist? Can it last a lifetime?

Staying 73 years of marriage, an accomplishment many in today’s society believe is unattainable. But this couple proved us that LOVE forever exist and can lasts for a lifetime.

When Laura (93) is at a hospice facility awaiting for her final days, Howard (92) wanted to comfort his dying wife for 73 years with the song “You’ll Never Know This” by Engelbert Humperdinck  that Laura sang  when he went away to fight in World War II and later became their love song. As a matter of fact, they performed this song together when they renewed their “golden wedding anniversary”.

Howard cannot stand on his own and lost most of his hearing but with the help of the family, Howard give all his energy to stand from his wheelchair and started singing while gently caresses her face and neck to let her know that she was loved and safe.

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