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On Leni Robredo’s Resignation: Netizen’s Response

Leni Robredo's resignation

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After announcing Vice President Leni Robredo’s resignation as the Chairman of  the Housing and Urban Development Coordination Council (HUDCC) on Sunday, #LabanLeni went to the top trending topics in the Philippines. How, actually, did the netizens responded to her leave from President Duterte’s cabinet?

According to CNN Philippines, tweets declaring support for Leni Robredo flooded on Twitter just minutes after her resignation. Netizens swore to stand by her despite seeing how has been prevented from doing her job. Among the tweets of Robredo’s supporters is as follows:

“You could dethrone VP Leni Robredo from cabinet post but you can never erase in our minds that she’s our best VP. #LabanLeni” – Lasheras (@jknnthbereached)

Leni Robredo’s resignation was also taken by some netizens as an opportunity to express criticisms to the President, especially on the issue of him preventing Robredo from performing his duties. Others condemned the President’s supporters on how the he ordered Robredo to refrain from attending cabinet meetings just through a text message.

“To everyone saying “buti nga” regarding how they treated Leni, I hope your future employers fire you via text message. #LabanLeni – Bene (@besanti)

On the other side of the coin, some netizens also expressed their dislike for the Vice President and that Leni Robredo’s resignation from the Cabinet was just fine.

“Nag-world tour. Nag-photoshoot. Nag-quit. Tularan natin ang MAHINA at INUTIL na VP Yan si Leni! #LabanLeni” – Real Thoughts (@bcryptb)

Some netizens even believed that Leni Robredo’s resignation was not real, and that she was actually fired by the President for being an ineffective official.

However, Leni Robredo’s resignation was said to have been urged not only by the controversial text message from the President, but also by other obstacles such as the reduction of budget in 2017 by more than 17 billion pesos.

Nonetheless, Robredo said she would continue to do her duties as the country’s Vice President and to support the administration’s positive projects while objecting those that may harm the welfare of the Filipinos.

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