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Philippine Bullet Planting Scandal: LOSES NAIA’S INTEGRITY

Bullet planting among the NAIA passengers has been considered as the hottest issue today.

The Philippine government should do something to resolve this issue so that they could earn the NAIA passenger’s trust and security among the NAIA’s administration and its subordinates. Many airport attendants and personnel have been affected because aside from their livelihood, their integrity have been questioned which have made them feel bad, sad, and worried. In any profession and vocation that each person has, the integrity is considered as the most important asset of a worker because this can give a self- pride and a self- worth that you are doing well your job to meet the satisfaction of yourself and others.

laglag-balaImage Source: www.rappler.com

So, where is the integrity among involved people of Bullet planting scam? Is it money worth to lose one’s integrity which is hardly earned over years? Remember that nothing beats the value of integrity because this can give you a good reputation. Despite what Edwin Lacierda, Presidential spokesman said that he did not want to speculate on any action to be taken. He also added that to identify the problem correctly so that … we can identify the solutions also correctly, stated in PhilStar Headlines. Public cannot be blamed if they cannot have a complete trust among the NAIA officials because they will be the next victim of this Bullet planting scam.

But, it is very sad and unfair for the NAIA workers who have worked honestly and religiously because they are also victim of this scam. They have worried that they will lost their job which give them earnings to provide the needs of their families.

The bottom-line of this issue, let’s stop asking who will be blamed of this issue instead let’s help one another to resolve this issue and identify the mastermind of this bullet- planting scam and earn back the integrity of the NAIA personnel because NAIA can be considered as a picture of Philippine scene. If the picture has a good scene, we can cater many investors and tourists which can give a good employment among many Filipinos. A good employment can also help to raise our economy which our country badly needs.

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