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Lucky Aces Dance Kids 1st Grand Champion

Philippine Dance Kids is one of the best venues where the kids have showcased their talents.


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The DANCE KIDS is a reality dance competition show by ABS-CBN that hosted by Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga where it showcases the talents of the kids in dancing that are considered as bodily-kinesthetic intelligent. And the show is the answer for all the aspiring kid dancers that someday can be a professional dancer. Their performance cannot be denied as very spectacular where audience cannot help but stare every move they made in the stage. Also, the show has let the kids to believe that dreams are not impossible to reach because they have been mentored by the three professional dancers in our country namely Vhong Navarro, G-Force’s Georcelle Dapat, and Andy Alviz who are the dance master reported by ABS-CBN Entertainment.

The Philippine Dance Kids has declared a new winner and they are no other than Lucky Aces, a dance duo from Canada, won the Dance Kids competition on Sunday, February 7, at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. Beyond Lucky Ancheta and Andree Camille “AC” Bonifacio, the Lucky Aces duo, took home P2 million, a family trip to Hong Kong, a shopping spree worth P300,000, and a Star Magic contract as reported by the Rappler.

Having this talent show like Philippine Dance Kids can really inspire everyone that it is really free to dream and to believe that dream is possible to reach no matter what you are going through. Dream is always start of all the successful stories. The determination is the best weapon while patience and hardworks are the best investment. Victory is the result of all the hardworks, endurance, patience, and positivity.

To all the dreamers, keep dreaming but make that dreams come true by investing time, efforts, and patience. Success may not come very easy because you need to keep going so that you can reach the peak of the success. If you fail, then don’t stop because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning. So, there are a lots of attempt in learning to lead you to become successful just like the Philippine Dance Kids winner.

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