Philippine’s First Supercar

In the world of car innovations, Philippines has not yet made any name for itself. This may not be for so long as we welcome the new innovation of a certain architect Brendan Aurelio (who is in charge of the design), Bryan Factor (the brain behind the company) and Kevin Factor (who researches the car’s internal mechanics). For ten (10) years, they kept on researching and finally they were able to present the new prototype which is known today as “The Aurelio”.

Aurelio’s General Specifications:

Engine: Turbocharged Intercooler DOHC VTEC 1800cc

Power: 517 bhp

Body: Fiberglass, Reinforced plastic

Chassis: Tube Steel

Glass: Laminated 6.5mm

Wheel: 18” MAGS w/235 40 series Achilles 123s

Height: 108cm

Width: 178cm

Length: 436cm

Weight: 632kg

The car manufacturer is known as Factor Aurelio Automobile which is based in San Pedro, Laguna. The company aims to be the first one to produce supercars in the Philippines which they eventually achieved as they were able to present to the public “The Aurelio” which also boasts of a handmade chassis. It has scissor doors, VR4 front and has 18-inch Rota alloy wheels. It silhouette’s the contours of a Ferrari 458 Italia, the McLaren P1 for its doors and the Lamborghini Aventador for its rear end. “The Aurelio” is also capable of a 186mph top speed, thanks to the Mitsubishi 4G63 four-cylinder. The car’s components are 80% from the Philippines which is not bad enough for a start.

As of the moment the company decided to produce only ten units to preserve its value. The supercar is priced from 1.5 million to 1.6 million pesos. This car may not sound glitzy as of the moment but it holds a big chance that it will soon be linked to big time sports car brands that of the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

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