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The Philippines Most Dangerous Road: Halsema Highway

The Philippines Most Dangerous Road is Halsema Highway or also known as Baguio-Bontoc Road or Mountain Trail, has a length of 150 km and it’s a two- to four-lane highway that stretches from Baguio City to Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines.  It is based in the post of SizzlingFeed.


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This road has the highest altitude highway in the Philippines with its highest point somewhere in Atok. The highest point is about 2,255meters above sea level. That makes it higher than Mount Banahaw’s peak. The road was opened first in 1930 as led by Engineer Euseibus Julius Halsema of whom this highway was named in honor of this person. Before the last improvements, the road was known for rock slides, mud slides and the buses driving dangerously fast on its narrow passage. Recently, the foggy conditions, and slippery asphalt during rainy season, has complicated the driving, turning the road a bit dangerous so it needs a lot of carefulness and cautions, based by the report of the dangerousroads.org.

The Philippines Most Dangerous Road cannot be denied has very beautiful scenic air view but also cannot be denied that it is very dangerous for the drivers and the commuters who always have passed this road. By looking at this view, you cannot help but amazed for the magnificent beauty of the roads but also feel so nervous because it is more than riding a roller coaster that you need to fasten your seat-belt just to be safe and secured.

Furthermore, the main problem of this Philippines Most dangerous road is the only road for the farmers who are the reason behind of our food supply. This road is beautiful but deadly so the government of the Philippines should do something for the safety of all based on the report of Filipiknow. Well, the DPWH finally heeded the call to renovate the country’s most famous highway. As of 2011, Halsema Highway has finally been paved. The roads are leading to Sagada, however, still feature some rough spots. Even though it’s under construction, the tourists can still use the highway to meet Sagada’s most breath-taking scenery: the famous hanging coffins.

If the government can help to stabilize the construction of this Philippines Most dangerous road, they cannot only help the lives of every farmer but also, they can help to boost the economy because the goods will be deliver on time and can help to minimize the shortage of our food crops supply since the crops can be delivered early that can be free from being rotten or spoiled. It is because the delivery period will be shortened.


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