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Philippines Smallest Fish “Sinarapan” The World’s Smallest Edible Fish

Granted with all the riches in natural resources in land, air and waters, the Philippine archipelago surely houses a lot of living creatures that uniquely exists only here. One of those endemics is the Philippines smallest fish, which is also considered as the world’s smallest edible fish – the Sinarapan.


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Formally named as Mistichthys luzonensis HM SMITH 1902, said Langyaw, Sinarapan is found in Bicol and some bodies of water in Camarines Sur, including the famous Lake Buhi and Lake Bato. As tiny as 12 millimeters in average, there is no wonder why it is considered to be the Philippines smallest fish, as well as the worlds’. In comparison, the male Sinarapan are even relatively smaller than the females. Nonetheless, both looks goby and transparent, except for the black eyes.

Would Filipinos ever miss to make a special dish with this special fish? Of course no. The uniqueness of its taste has found delight in the taste of most Filipino food enthusiasts. In Bicol, Sinarapan is either prepared as dried fish or served as a dish, commonly sautéed lightly with oil, flavored by tomatoes and onions. As a trademark of dishes in Bicol Sinarapan is given a touch of spice from chili. This dish goes very well with rice. Another dish from this fish is the Sinarapang Paksiw which is also loved by those who visit the province of Camarines Sur.

According to the Story of Wandering Feet and Mind, another thing that makes Sinarapan extra special is that it is very rich in calcium, and considering its delectableness, one even said he would prefer eating it for breakfast over drinking milk. Well, would you? Better put this on your bucket list of food trips now.

Conversely, being endemic and cannot be found in other places, Philippines smallest fish is now at risk of extinction due to overfishing. Thus, everyone is encouraged to, by any means, conserve the life these world-recognized fish.

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