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Pinoy Adaptation Pasion de Amor A Worlwide Telenovela Sensation, heats the Primetime TV

School starts in June, yet no season would stop this Philippine adaptation teleserye to be on aired! Bring on back the sizzling summer heat! Get yourselves ready and mark your calendars. Here comes the much awaited ABS-CBN’s newest Pinoy adaption of Mexican telenovela, Pasion de Amor, premieres on June 1 before TV Patrol in Primetime TV, reported ASK.

Also known as Pasión de Gavilanes, a Columbian telenovela aired in 1994 and broadcasted on ABS-CBN last 2005.

passion de amor

This is the fifth telenovela remake of Kapamilya network following the successful adaptation of “Rubi”, “Maria La del Barrio”, “Maria Mercedes” and “Betty La Fea”.

A passionate story about love and revenge of the three Samonte brothers, to be portrayed by Jake Cuenca as the elder Juan Samonte, Ejay Falcon as Oscar and Joseph Marco as Franco together with Ingrid Dela Paz as their younger sister Olivia who will be the main reason of their revenge against the Elizondo family.

Olivia fell in love with a rich and married haciendero Bernardo Elizondo to be played by Ronaldo Valdez. But then tragedy came when their affair was known by Bernardo’s wife Gabriela (Teresa Loyzaga) who hired men to kill them.

The Samonte brothers were devastated upon knowing the death of their sister. They made a vow on her grave to avenge her death. Disguising their selves as workers in Hacienda Elizondo in order for them to get close and make Gabriela’s daughters to be played by Arci Muñoz, the newest addition of Kapamilya network (Norma), Ellen Adarna (Sari) and Coleen Garcia (Jamie) to fall in love with them.

Directed by Eric Quizon, also joining the cast are Aubrey Miles, Michelle Madrigal, Ahron Villena, Daria Ramirez, Alex Castro, AJ Dee, Ron Morales, Zeppi Borromeo, Ashley Rivera, Benj Bolivar, Nathaniel Britt, Mauro Lumba, and June Macasaet, reported by Philstar.

What makes this Pasion de Amor different from the original is the plot of the story, lot of twist, mysteries between the two families and the chemistry of the leading casts have. Coleen Garcia said in a press con is that the more challenging in this TV series is making a connection between her co-workers.

This new Kapamilya teleserye will make the viewer’s ignite feelings that you’ll never imagine you have. We mustn’t forget that the leading casts are all good actors and actresses. They are all bodily fit and sexy, prepared their selves for this TV show, went to gym to lose some pounds. In terms of acting they undergo workshop just to give the Filipino viewers the show that is worth watching for.

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