Planning to Resign? Ask yourself these 5 questions first.

Planning to resign

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Do you have on your hand a resignation letter? Whatever your reason to resign may be – be issues with your boss and workmates, low salary, or just having that gut feeling to explore new work The Smart Filipino advises you to ask yourself a few questions first before handing that resignation letter to your boss.

  1. What exactly are my reasons for wanting to quit?

Before you make any crucial decision, you have to identify the very reason why you want to resign. It is important that you set your mind to be objective and logical, and not when you are at the peak of your emotions. It is better that you think of the situation when you first thought to resign, and assess whether your reason is still considerable.


  1. Is my issue with my work solvable?

After identifying your reason to resign, the next thing to consider is the possible solution to your issue. Classify whether your problem is temporary or not. If it is temporary, you might consider thinking about your decision a little longer to ensure that you will not regret in the future.


  1. What would my immediate plant be if I quit?

Make a clear picture of yourself after you resign. Do you plan to search for a new job? Do you see yourself having a vacation, unwinding the stress from work? Do you want to use your savings to start a business? There is a lot of possibilities and it is important that you have a specific direction in mind before quitting.


  1. Is my current job holding me back from anything?

You also have to take into consideration the things that nourish your being. If you have goals that are held back by your job, then perhaps it is time that you hand that resignation letter. However, if you still see your present job as a necessary stepping stone to where you want to be and who you want to become, you might as well consider holding on.


  1. Am I financially prepared to be without a job right now?

Check your savings. Assess your lifestyle. Make sure you can manage to live at least five months without income; that is, if you are planning to resign now and get another one as soon as possible.

After asking yourself the above questions, you may now decide to hand your resignation letter to your boss now, delay your resignation, or just throw it to the trash bin.


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