Pokemon Go: Making Virtual Game a Reality

Just last July 5, 2016, Pokemon Go was released by Google Playstore in Japan, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, India, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Italy and other countries, with their respective language versions, as listed by APKQueen.com. As its name denotes, Pokémon Go is a game inspired by the all-time anime of powerful pets – Pokémon.

Electronic games, commonly known as computer games, have become part of the lives of most individuals in the millennial generation. Hence, the creation of games with various themes and animations complimented by unique features and mechanics, have become a competition in the business-entertainment industry. As the development of technology continues, and the brilliance of programmers are hastened, the fun of playing virtual games in now, no longer confined in the corners of a monitor on in the screen of android phones.

pokemon go
What makes this game amazing is that, it allows one to track other gamers in the same places, whom he can have a virtual battle with in an actual venue and scenario. It is as if specific Pokémon characters are in a battle in the very place where the two players are standing, yet can only be seen virtually on their android phone screens. Thus, unlike other games which requires one to just sit and focus on screen, Pokémon Go encourages physical movements and gestures which makes it more exciting, especially when facing an opponent in a real-world field.
With these unique features, a huge number of E-gamers are now excited to play Pokémon Go. As it seems, being a game that connects virtual world to reality seems to line up next to some of the most played games such as like DOTA, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird and many others.
So if you’re eager to try this game soon, here are a few of the Pokémon Go player tips from Forbes. These are only few of the things that you got to know before playing the game.

1. You can pick Pikachu from the start.
2. Strategy is required to catch higher level Pokémon’s.
3. The battle is complicated. Don’t get fooled by how it looks.
4. Cheating Egg-Walking is a “No, no.”
5. You can’t track a Pokémon when the app is closed.
6. You got ‘a beat a rival team repeatedly to take over a gym.
7. You get free stuff for holding gyms.
8. You can evolve non-primary duplicates for XP
9. It’s tough to know when to invest in Pokémon
10. Extra Challenge: Unreliable tracking

These are just a few tips that will surely be helpful on your course to victory in this game. The excitement is on, so if you got Pokémon Go now, check out your area. A stranger just behind you may be playing it too. Track him and let the Pokémon battle in that very place … begin!

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