Welcome to Astigtxt, your window to the social word. Through our community system you can send unlimited free text messages and will earn your daily dosage of new and interesting news and stories from all around the globe. This system also gives you a chance to join a community where conversation on important issues is encouraged. It is our dream to make your voices be heard, share your intelligent opinions and make them keys for social development.

The Astigtxt community aims to build bridges not only in our network but also with advocacy groups, organizations, college and universities and others whom we share the same humble advocacy of strengthening bond through the social media. This community system is both online (in the digital world) and on the ground (in the real world).

Always remember, when you sign up with Astigtxt, you may be required to supply us with primary information we can use to contact you. Please feel rest assured that the information you would give us would be treated with deep trust and utmost confidentiality. Any of the personal information we request from you will only be shared with your agreement and consent.

Here are some things you need to note about our privacy policy:

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  • Also, our community encourages readers to identify themselves when they post comments and reactions on stories and news. This is done to encourage intelligent and sensible conversation on relevant topics.
  • If you share any of our content on facebook, twitter or other social networking sites, or use your account on these networks to log on to our system, you may be asked to access certain information from your profile. But please feel assured that this will always be done in compliance with the privacy policies of these sites and services.
  • Sharing information about yourself through your Astigtxt profile helps us serve you better and provide your needs faster. Rest assured that it will always be up to you to decide which and how much information is published about you. You shall personally set your own privacy settings.
  • When need arises, we use tracking methods to protect site from abuse and to ensure best site performance, as well as to track inputs through uses- engagement mechanisms. This process may involve depositing of “cookies” on your computer. Using data inputted through uses- engagement mechanisms and renders then usually.
  • For some time, we may share aggregated data and uses- engagement metrics to parties like analysts and advertises. However, such data will not reflect personally identifiable information. As promised, we will not share your personal information without your consent.
  • We will be doing our very best to protect and safeguard your privacy, but it should be made clear that transmitting data over the internet is never a hundred percent secure. You are encouraged to assume greatest responsibility for keeping your personal data like password and uses credentials.
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