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Unconventional Funeral of A Puerto Rican Man Propped Up in A Chair With His Eyes OPEN

 What else would be more surprising than seeing a dead sitting crossed-legs during his own funeral? That very scenario happened during unconventional funeral of a Puerto Rican man named Fernando de Jesus Beato.

unconventional funeral

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Last March 3, 26-year-old De Jesus Beato died because of being shot 15 times outside his house in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reported Daily Mail. Dolefully, police officers have found no lead in determining who the killer was. Later after De Jesus Beato’s death, people from around the globe were surprised to see the viral pictures online showing the most unconventional funeral so far. Instead of being placed in a coffin, De Jesus Beato’s dead body was propped in a chair with his leg crossed and with cigar in between in fingers. Dressed in his favorite sports outfit, De Jesus Beato looked so alive with his eyes wide open.

The peculiar rendition of a dead De Jesus Beato’s corpse was actually his family’s request to the funeral home. According to The Source, one of his sisters said that they “decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person, very active, and we want to remember him as he was.” The whole family agreed to the idea as they all never wanted to see him lying dead in a coffin. Although seeing De Jesus Beato just as if he was alive in the unconventional funeral surprised everybody who attended, they were all pleased to see him for the last time looking nearly the same guy who was alive.

De Jesus Beato’s unconventional funeral was actually the ninth time that the Marin Funeral Home located in Río Piedras held. However, unlike his, the eyes of the previous ones were not open. His open eyes were actually a surprise from the funeral home which is now becoming known around the world for pioneering such unconventional funeral.

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