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Beautiful Powerlifter from Russia – She’s gonna get your jaw dropped!

When talking about gorgeous women, we often picture out and imagine those that walk in runways as models, or those who wear bikinis and crowns in beauty pageants. However, this 20-year old lady from Russia will surely make you believe that not all beautiful women are seen in stages and runways doing some girly stuff.  Julia Vins, the beautiful powerlifter, has rocked the social media and the realm of powerlifting because of her profession – a peculiar one for a woman.


russian beautiful power lifterAccording to Jumblejoy, Vins initially engaged herself to gym sessions when she was fifteen just to boost her confidence. It was the local gym trainer who first recognized and appreciated her talent. Hence, a year after, the said trainer encouraged her to take the path of being a professional powerlifter – a beautiful powerlifter, specifically. Aside from her alluring looks, it was also her victories in powerlifter that made her famous around the globe.

Of course, just like any other powerlifter, Vins follows a strict protein diet, and a regular training that occurs four times a week for three to five hours. Such sweaty training and sacrificial diet, which may sound a little too hard for normal people, has actually helped the beautiful powerlifter boost her confidence – the very reason why she started training.

Because of being so muscly, however, some people find her appearance as something odd. Nonetheless, Vins still managed to keep her chin high, saying,beautiful-powerlifter

“I’m strong. People either respect my work or reprimand me for being a muscly girl … Many people have knocked me down but my training have made me strong – both physically and mentally. I’m do ordinary doll.”

The beautiful powerlifter has trailed the journey to powerlifting championships with two terms – Muscle and Barbie. First is recognizing that her calling in life is really being a powerlifter, and second, being beautiful. “I always wear make-up, even when I’m squatting, I think it’s important to look attractive in any situation”, said the beautiful powerlifter who calls herself a “Muscle Barbie”.



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