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The SAF 44 Death Anniversary: Fallen 44 Has Never Forgotten

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January 25, 2016 was the 1st SAF 44 death anniversary. Their heroism act should not be forgotten nor vanished as if it was nothing important to remember. It doesn’t need only to be remembered but it needs to be honor because the Fallen 44 soldiers sacrificed their personal lives in the call of their duties. Since  last year, it was January 25, 2015- it may be an ordinary day for some or most of us but it was a day where the Fallen 44 soldiers ended their journeys not just on their career, but they ended their journey here on Earth. It was very shocking and terrible news for the loved ones and families who has been grieving for the loss of the fallen 44.

By commemorating the SAF 44 death anniversary cannot help to lessen the grieving of their families due to their loss but it only shows that the death of their dear husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, or loved ones has not been forgotten but it is always remembered. And it still deserved to be honor because they have given their lives for the sake of our motherland. The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte conducted an honorary conduct for the tribute of the slain soldier in the 1st death anniversary of the Fallen 44.

The SAF 44 Death Anniversary has caused to believe that lives of soldiers are not easy as ABC. They have undergone a rigid and numerous training just to be included in the PNP- SAF or the Philippine National Police- Special Action Forces. After their intensive trainings, it is not a guarantee that they can have a safer life that they want to have. It is because it is a reality that one leg of the soldier is going to their graveyard when they are called for their duties. So, it really needs to honor all the soldiers who are very sincere to their profession because the moment that they have accepted the fact they are made to serve for their country, they have also accepted the fact they need to give up their lives in the calling of their professions.

Furthermore, we need to give tribute the slain soldiers not just in every SAF 44 Death Anniversary but they need to be treasured because without soldiers, our country cannot have peace and order that it is really needed by each of us.

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