She’s dating a Chubster!

Ladies, we surely appreciate the appeal of a sylphlike, trim men have packed on the pounds. But…

Have you considered in dating a little extra bigger than your usual taste of a guy?

Here’s some several reasons why dating a chubby are appetizing, extra cozy body heat to the uhm… great sex ( extra pounds + extra bounce = extra hot ).

Let’s take a look at these:

  1. That extra warm, safe and protected when he wraps his arms around you.
  2. They never criticize your weight or the stuff you eat. They are not going to raise an eyebrow if you want that extra rice with your adobo 🙂
  3. They can eat anything they want! No mental strain with workouts and diets.
  4. All about that butt! They have pinchable cheeks butt!
  5. That billy! It can be your own personal portable pillow 🙂 They are soft, squeezable than skinny studs.Chubby guys

What is it that a chubby guy that melts a woman’s heart like chocolate? You wouldn’t know until you have dated one 🙂 Let us know and comment below!


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  • Eric Cox

    Haha sounds exactly like me :p

  • Joshua Dear

    Chubby guys have small penises.

    That penetration capability, I believe fat genes should not flourish, by law of genetics.

  • Mp Pagayon

    @DearJoshua:disqus Do you know who to read?

    The article said “The most common cause of penises to look like they’re shrinking, or to appear small is obesity. When a man is overweight, he collects fat in his pubic mound, which encases his penis making it look smaller. Ira Sharlip, MD, clinical professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco, says, “A large pubic fat pad makes the penile shaft look shorter.” and further it says, “If the erect penis is measured correctly when overweight, the erect size should not be too different from what it always was.”

    What an illiterate, stupid dickhead.. lol!

  • Dodong

    I have never read an article as stupid as this.

    Fat guys smell, they sweat with body odor, they sweat oil, they have small penis due to fatty skin, they snore, they “pinchy butt cheeks” that you mentioned is all that – FAT and no shape, and they go to the toilet so many times during the day to poo.

    This article is definitely written by someone who is fat, not chubby, to feed his ego and feel good about himself.

    Also, to that comic where fat guys “eat”, hey, it’s the other way around, fat guys cum fast, and they don’t go down on women, but the bottomline is , it has nothing to do with body composition, it’s the way one views sex.

  • Dodong

    For the fat author who wrote this article, too bad you have too many things going wrong for you, see below:

    1) Urinating can become problematic, and create instances of incontinence. Some men may be required to sit when urinating.

    2) Having a soft/flaccid penis that is always encased in the pubic fat pad can lead to fungal infections if the penis is not kept clean and dry.

    3) Rashes from poor hygiene, heat, and sweat.

    4) Odour problems.