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Singapore Math Problem; Baffled Internet users around the world.


Singaporeans math test


After the red and black dress defining color here come another viral that goes into the mind of netizens. Made its way up from Facebook, reddit.com even being trended in twitter using #cherylsbirthday where people castling their answers in memes and logical solution.

This question is actually for the Secondary 4 SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad) to sift out the better students.  And this test was meant for a 15 – 16 year old elite secondary school students. But it seems it doesn’t like it, it’s a mind-boggling test! I myself was confused and baffled.

The SASMO’s Executive Director in statement.

“We are pleased that this problem has generated so much interest and thinking from the public,” Ong said. “We are not saying this problem is for every student… but if this kind of problem can be used to stretch the better students to sharpen their analytical power, why not?”

To some of you don’t know, Singapore has been very success in Mathematics achievement for its superior, excellence teaching and assessments. It ranked first in the world in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2003 and obviously, they have a high quality mechanism to produced students in Mathematics Mastery.  Using exceptional logic and challenging mathematics framework. It is something that is far better than the system we use in the Philippines.

Click the link below to know the answer of the mind-boggling question.


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