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The Most Anticipated Fairytale Wedding of Sir Chief and Maya


Certainly none wanted to miss the most anticipated “Royal Wedding” of Sir Chief & Maya. November 15 has been marked as a very Special Day to all avid viewers of Be Careful with my Heart. From the wedding proposal down to all wedding preparations, fans kept a close look and excitingly waited for the grandest wedding of the year.

The scene was perfectly traditional which reflects Maya’s family and their simplicity. In a catholic wedding held at Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas, everyone witnessed the joyful occasion of the couple together with their family and friends.

Love is definitely in the air! The scene appeared so real–a fairytale coming into reality. Time stood still and both tears and smiles defined how blissful the occasion is.

The sweetest part of course is the exchanging of vows. Sir Chief is altogether firm and romantic. Maya, as always, is sweet and delightful.

It was also so sweet of Sir Chief to say how his life changed after he met Maya on the bridge, how everything unfolded into a beautiful story when Maya got into his life and his children’s.

Maya, is perfectly awesome as she expressed how she will continue to give Sir Chief the best coffee, how it will remain sweet even if they might have misunderstanding in the future.

Indeed, the Sir Chief-Maya wedding is inspiring, entertaining and is a must watch episode! Viewers of course knew how celebrated a wedding is and more importantly how real married life turns a fairytale into reality. Trials and storms are inevitable but despite these, the love that grows each day, the care nurtured with every touch and smile, and the trust that remains in all seasons, will continue to hold the vows said to each other. As the rings, cord and veil are worn in the ceremony, so are their blessed symbols keep two lovers in front of the One uniting them.

Your partner may not be like Maya or Sir Chief but your partner is definitely the one who will turn your world up-side-down in a genuinely amazing and best way. And your love story is still the best story you would love tell even for a thousand times.

Many may not believe in weddings and marriage this time where separation is rampant, yet the amazing unseen powers of love will prove that nothing is impossible for the hearts which are bound by blessed real love. Love will always be mysterious and those who have it will forever live in the beauty of this mystery.

So keep your faith in love!!

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