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Here in ASTIGTXT we capture and publish topics with relevance and value, whether they be for information or leisure. As you visit us, you also get yourself acquainted and informed of the guidelines set by our admin regarding use and information access.


These guidelines bind the site and the users to maintain responsible engagement and to always keep order.

  1. Content published/posted in ASTIGTXT is our property or of those content writers hired to gather info and write news and blogs, thus it is understood they can claim intellectual property respectively.
  1. If you think of using or taking a part of our contents, just make sure appropriate citation is given. We know how recycling of information goes in and out the web so to not get off the hook, just mention your source.
  1. Writer’s point of view does not speak of the site’s stand of the issue. However, writers do know their responsibility and freedom in writing and know the need for transparency.
  1. Cyber freedom is apparently very broad but we encourage that we respect other visitors online. You are allowed and encouraged to give comments on the published news and blogs as part of getting you engaged but we also give high regards for respecting individually and differences
  1. What we talk about here are dealt professionally and we hope to awaken sense of unity and brotherhood as we take them as issues relating to local, national or international concern.
  1. As mentioned earlier, we want you to be engaged in ASTIGTXT so we expect and are positive that you accept these guidelines and continue visiting us.

Always feel free and know that you belong in ASTIGTXT. Definitely, you are ASTIG!

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