Slow and Expensive Internet Connection in Philippines, Big issue for Netizens

Steep price for Slow Internet Connection

The slow and expensive connection in Philippines  has always been an issue that everyone is interested about. A report came out that the Philippines has the slowest internet connection among all other countries who are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The said report preceded complaints that had been voiced out by the Filipino netizens. The effect of the slow and expensive internet connection to students and workers became a trending issue in online conversations.

Philippines lagged behind Asian countries; it is currently at the bottom of the list having 3.6 mbps, way below the ASEAN average of 12.4 mbps. The same data show that only Singapore and Thailand have internet connections above the average.

  • Singapore (61 mbps)
  • Thailand (17.7 mbps)
  • Vietnam (13.1 mbps)
  • Cambodia (5.7 mbps)
  • Malaysia (5.5 mbps)
  • Myanmar and Brunei (4.9 mbps)
  • Indonesia (4.1 mbps)
  • Laos (4 mbps)

Action taken by the Government

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Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino wants to investigate on how the slow and expensive internet connection in the Philippines affects users’ ease of doing business. He voiced out the complaint of the Filipino netizens in general who are appealing for any action to be taken by the government in response for this issue. Sen. Bam is calling on the senate to investigate the internet connection in the country provided by telecommunication companies. He was alarmed by the constant complaints about the failure of telecommunication companies to deliver its promised connection speed, which in return leads to slow internet link. After comparing the prices of internet service among Southeast Asian Countries, he said the Philippines has the slowest and most expensive internet connection. In particular, it has been compared that Singapore’s largest telecommunications company Sinstel offers 15 mbps for 39.9 Singaporean dollars or about 1, 312 pesos a month for (87 per mbps). Sen. Bam said that the National Telecommunications Commission should provide a logical and clear explanation on the said issue.

Netizens Unhappy and Unsatisfied

There are many complaints posted in social media sites which show that Filipino netizens are unhappy and unsatisfied about the slow-expensive internet issue.

It is quite clear that students and workers are affected by the said issue. Being exposed and born in the digital world where everything is done through the internet, it is a great encumbrance to have a slow and expensive internet connection.  A slow and expensive internet connection correlatively means slow and expensive access to important information and transactions over the internet.

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  • Charlene del Rosario

    Do all countries pay the same price for the internet connection?

    • BJ


      • darb

        NO NO NO

    • Rob Roberts

      No. The article says Singapore is paying 87 per mbps. I’m paying 600 for 1 mbps.

  • Ralph Alavaren

    I hate it,… I can’t download what I want… it takes me weeks, now the internet is getting slower… please improvise… I envy other countries.

  • darb

    Well, that’s your corrupt PLDT for you… Always trying to get another peso from you, and giving you nothing in return. OH OH, wait. sounds like everything else in the Philippines. Just trying to get that next peso…..

  • NeverSayDieGinebraFan

    If Singapore can do it, why Phil can’t?Its so absurd to have slowest internet connection and yet expensive. I do hope that China will consider investing for another player for Phil’s communication, by this those two telco’s have to improve their services. For now, it really s**ks. Tahahahahahaha!