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Smule fever is on. Let the Music begin!

From QWERTY phones to Smartphones! Whew! This is what technology can really do. It evolves every now and then. It runs a very important role in our lives. Nowadays, everyone is already dependent on what the technology can do for them. What else these things can offer?

Meet Smule. An American mobile app developer founded in 2008 by Stanford University assistant music professor Ge Wang and Jeff Smith. But, Wang stepped down from his role at Smule to focus on the academics in Stanford. Making Smith run the company as its chief executive. Smule specializes in developing social music-creating applications for iOS, Android, Amazon.com and Kindle Fire.

Smule’s mission is to connect the world through music. Making the non-musicians hook up into creating music and work together with others doing the same. There are song maker apps like I Am T-Pain and digital versions of instruments like Guitar and Magic Piano.

It already released several apps, but its breakthrough was the Ocarina. You can turn your phone into an ancient flute by just blowing into the phone and controlling the pitch with different fingerings. According to New York Times Magazine the Ocarina was downloaded half a million times, at 99 cents in its first couple of months, making it the top-selling app for three straight weeks.

Did you know that Smule rank as 84th America’s Most Promising Companies in the Forbes list? Having a $38.3 million dollars revenue is such a big plus for a company that became popular in developing music-creations apps for mobile, in just a short time.

Just making it in top 100th place in a Forbes list is a great honour, an opportunity to be known worldwide.

It started from a paid app for a complete installation before the Smule move into an app purchases. The company launched a Smule Pass, a new cross-app subscription to connect all of its app under a single premium plan. Previously, Smule users had to pay for individual subscription for its apps. With this new Smule Pass, users have to pay only once and will already have access to song libraries, unlimited storage,audio effects and instruments through its four main apps – Magic Piano, Sing Karaoke, Guitar and AutoRap. Smule’s existing subscriber will receive a free upgrade to Smule pass while the new users will pay $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year for the service.

And now on their newest app the Sing! Karaoke, where you can sing your favourite song and team up with your favourite artist. You can see other videos posted in the Smule website.

Smule has their moment of victory with one amateur. A UK teenager, 18 years Tom Bleasby, has been offered record deals after he did a duet on Sing! Karaoke with pop star Jessie J. Singing the Flashlight from the movie Pitch Perfect 2. Aside from this, Smule announced last June 4, that it is adding a group video for its Smule Sing! Music social network and its mobile apps like Sing! Karaoke. With this group video, it combines various singers from around the world and performances into a group music video. This Smule’s network can be a way  to discovering one’s singing talent and letting the world see it.

Download the Smule apps on App store on iTunes for iPhone and for Android users you can get it from Google Play Store.

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  • Keith Allen

    This has been the new karaoke fever! Even my sister is going crazy about this app!