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Steve Harvey Miss Universe 2015 pageant host personally apologized to Miss Philippines

Steve Harvey, the host for Miss Universe 2015 for the most glamorous and prestigious night for the beauty queens around the globe, was humbly asking forgiveness after announcing the wrong winner for Miss Universe 2015.


Photo grab from:  http://www.mb.com.ph/steve-harvey-apologizes-to-ph-caught-drinking-gambling-hours-before-event/
(Screenshot from Steve Harvey’s Instagram account)

He himself declared that he made a horrible mistake for the wrong announcement. After declaring Miss Columbia as the Miss Universe 2015 instead of Miss Philippines, Steve Harvey said that he heard “a lot of hell going on” in his ear piece. Then reread the note card given to him in the report of ET Online. And it was there that the first runner up is Miss Columbia, and the Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines.

Meanwhile, after claiming an honest mistake made by Steve Harvey, he owed everyone an apology for the two wonderful ladies:  Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez and Miss Philippine Pia Wurtzbach, to the Miss Universe Organization, to the live audience and TV viewers around the globe which made them feel sad and bad for the both ladies. The two ladies do deserve to be a Miss Universe but the major role for this prestigious beauty pageant that only one lady to rein the crown. And this year, it would be no other than Miss Philippines. But, sad to say, that the wrong announcement of the 58-year old, American Host-Actor, Steve Harvey, has considered as the major blunder by the Pep.com

But, what amazing about Steve Harvey that despite even trembling and shaking as he was back on stage- to cover up his mistake, but managed to take all the responsibility for the things he should have not done for the big night. Well, we are capable of making mistakes, but the kind of mistake that Steve Harvey committed has been witnessed by millions of audience around the world. In fact, after his mistakes, he made a public apology at the contest also through Twitter for everyone who has been dismayed and even frustrated. So with in the backstage scene, an apology was also made for the real Miss Universe to Miss Philippine, he was too sorry for it. It is found in the report of the Daily Mail.

Furthermore, we cannot bring back the past anymore. We should not continue to blame Steve Harvey in screwing up since the damage has been done. For sure, it was never his intention to screw up. He has regretted it a lot. However, we are still capable of making everyone happy with the result for the Miss Universe 2015: to be proud for Miss Philippines since she was the third Miss Universe coming from the Philippines and to give sympathy for Miss Columbia, because that was considered as one of the most awkward moments in her life. But, we still salute Miss Columbia, because she still managed her grace under the awkward moments. Keeping up her chin means that she has a very good sportsmanship. In fact, being in the top 3 among over 80 candidates around the globe is already a victory.

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