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Summa Cum Laude Alexander John Cruz, from poverty to success

In Asian countries like Philippines, education has been so expensive to majority of students due to the increase number of poverty.  Despite this, it’s still all a matter of hard work and perseverance. This has been proven by the newly grad from chemical engineering class of 2014 of the University of the Philippines, Alexander John Cruz. Alexander is from a simple family from Nueva Ecija who never expected that he will graduate in a prestigious school in Metro Manila such as UP Diliman.

Way back, Alexander graduated valedictorian during high school at the Honorato C. Perez, Sr. Memorial Science High School in Cabanatuan City which then paved his way in pursuing college through a scholarship offered by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). He thought of it as a rare opportunity for it will also give him allowance or stipend which would greatly help him aside from free tuition fee.

Summa Cum Laude Alexander John Cruz

Being raised in a family with just his mother, aunts and relatives with him, he aspired more to continue his studies. According to him, they filled in the role of a father he never knew since the day he was born.

During his 5 years stay in the campus, he experienced a lot –a lot of problems especially financially. He used to asked for a free menudo sauce from their canteen to eat his meal, he even failed on the first exam in Math 17 which made him thought that he may crawl just to graduate in UP. But then, he never ceases to study more and more and it became his habit. Later on, he got highest scores in all subjects. From that 1st year, he wrote on his sticky note and posted it in his wall “graduate summa cum laude”. He finished with an overall grade of 1.16, well beyond the 1.2-and-above requirement for a summa cum laude distinction.

As always, positive thoughts, inspiration, intellect and perseverance are the tools to succeed. Even poverty could never hinder just like what the summa cum laude Alexander John Cruz did. A student who pursue from poverty to success is such a wonderful inspiration to the Filipino youngsters.

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