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Teen Slam Dunk Phenom Kobe Paras Remains Number One in FIBA


Having the very flesh and blood of Benjie Paras, a former professional basketball player of Shell Turbo Charges and San Miguel Beermen of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), his son, the newest teen basketball icon Kobe Paras surely made his way to stardom as he was again crowned as the winner of the Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) 3×3 under-18 slam dunk competition.

Seventeen-year old Kobe Paras showcased his fascinating dunking skill to retain his title during the FIBA 3×3 U18 World Championships. In the elimination rounds, he topped among all the competitors with a score of 52 points after executing an off-the-bounce reverse windmill and a between the legs dunk, reported ABS-CBN News.

 Although the competition went real tough as his opponent from the United States, Jalek Felton, scored 49 on his off-the-bounce windmill slam and a double pump dunk in the first two rounds, Paras managed to garner the same score after performing an off-the-bounce two-handed windmill in the first round, and jumped over his coach and three teammates in the second. The competition went torrid as the crowd cheered for their bets.

In the final round, Felton scored 29 after doing a between-the-legs dunk. On the other hand, Paras jumped over his teammate, Ricci Rivero, doing a two-handed pump slam, and was awarded a perfect score. Thus, Paras remained the FIBA Prince of Dunk.

The World Championships was held last June 8 at Debrecen, Hungary. There were a total of 19 competitors for the said title, and the top four were Agustin Da Costa from Urungay, Mark Boros from the host country, the above-mentioned player from United States and Paras, himself.

Although the Philippine team lost in the FIBA 3×3 Under-18 world championships, Paras’ victory gave not only the team, but the whole nation a reason to celebrate. After the rain of congratulations, Paras tweeted, “Wouldn’t have won w/o my teammates, coaches and my dad! Big ups to my man @Jalek05 we put on one hell of a show!”


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