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Tesla solar roof, a brilliant innovation

Solar Panel

Nowadays some people used solar systems to get pure energy from the sun by installing solar panels in their homes. This system is clearly one of the solution to help/stop global warming and producing without global pollution. Solar power can save you more money, with proper planning and design choices.  The rising of the sun is consistent, this makes solar power an extremely reliable source of energy.

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla created a Tesla solar roof a latest innovation from the joint efforts of Tesla and their newly acquired company, SolarCity.  Tesla has confirmed they are ready to start the installation of its solar roof tiles onto regular customer’s houses.  The idea behind the solar roof was to visualize a brilliant and attractive to solar panel. Providing the world access affordable and sustainability energy. And the durability of the solar roof is great.


credit: Bloomberg

Looking forward for a car roof?  It may be possible to innovate it, creating a brilliant innovation like this will be helpful for our green environment.


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