The FretPen Smallest guitar ever

We’ve known the guitar as a simple stringed instrument held by two hands to create a wonderful tune. That simple and standard guitar then evolved into different types, from simple wood to electric guitars. Who would believe that this year will introduce the world’s most portable and playable guitar? Here then we introduce the smallest guitar ever – the FretPen. Yes, it’s a pen with frets and sounds as nice as the electric guitar through connecting it to your mobile with this fretpen application.

Smallest guitar everNow there’s no need for you to leave your guitar in the corner of the house, you can bring it anywhere and you can even use it as a simple pen by detaching the parts. You can do a concert by your own or jam with your friends through Bluetooth connection. Its modular design combines superior portability with wireless playability through your iOS device. Enjoy studio quality guitar tones through headphones or external speakers.

FretPen consists of three primary components:

FretPen Neck — the wooden fretboard with electronics to detect finger position.
Pen Tip — the accessory that turns your FretPen neck into a pen!
FretPen Body — the accessory that contains the electronics for wireless playback and navigating strings and frets.

This FretPen has a Bluetooth LE Technology which can be paired with iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3 or newer, iPad Mini or iPod Touch 5th generation

FretPen’s body has a four-way button which could communicate with the mobile app to move up and down the scale to access six strings and 12 frets. That’s a full 3-octave range from a device that fits in your pocket and could be used anytime you want.

This small guitar is not just playable but also very portable and could be enjoyed and carried anywhere. Technology has really changed everyone’s perspective of the world and has conquered the music world now.

FretPen is  smallest guitar that I ever seen.


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