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Tornado Ruins Border City of Mexico and Texas


Cities are built, developed, and industrialized for years by the government and its people. A style of living is traditionalized by every citizen, and this makes a city dynamic and ideal. However, in a little span of time, a city founded for years could vanish.

After 100 years since the establishment of Ciudad Acuna, a border city of Mexico and Texas, a cataclysmic tornado having the speed of 270-300 km/h took the lives of 10 adults and 3 children last May 26. Moreover, hundreds of injured people had been taken to the hospital after the destruction of 1000 homes. The said tornado struck the city in the morning when a lot of people are on their way to work. This scenario has been considered as one of the factors why a lot of people have died. The calamity left the city with ruined infrastructures and the people in chaos.

The state has been busy distributing help to the affected individuals. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto expressed his support to the relatives of the victims through visiting the ruined area and ensuring than they got the help they needed. Temporary shelters were also built for those who became homeless after the said calamity.

Recalling that another city in Central Texas was just hit by storm last May 23 which caused a flash flood in Blanco River, authorities have been actively on the guard then.  The latter flood has caused the death of a number of people which is now added with the casualties after the tornado in Ciudad Acuna.

It is heart-breaking for the government and the people to see for themselves how their established and loved land was wrecked, and how lives were taken by something that is of nobody’s control. Howbeit, people are left with no one to blame, and nothing to do but to start rebuilding the city they lost.



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