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Transpinay Geena Rocero Advocates Transgender Rights in the Philippines

Being fully identified and recognized for the person that they are through having the privilege to exercise rights is what the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community desires to be empowered with.

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Filipino international supermodel Geena Rocero takes LGBT rights advocacy in the Philippines. After spreading gender equality in the different parts of the world, Geena Rocero now focuses on the expansion of the LGBT rights through conducting series of seminars, workshops, and panel discussions that would broadly discourse about empowering LGBT community. Being a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) speaker perhaps makes Geena a lot influential and iconic especially that she talked about “the story of becoming who she always knew she was,” in TED. Geena Rocero has become an inspiration for the transgenders around the world then.

Being a successful model for 10 years in USA, Geena Rocero pulled the public’s attention when she revealed her real identity as a transgender, and won acceptance when she started advocating transgender people’s rights. This advocacy is capacitated by the fact that transgender people would be “economically disempowered if they were not socially accepted” as stated in a TV show The Bottomline. Thus, Geena Rocero founded “Gender Proud” – an organization empowering transgender individuals’ rights, as well as equality.

With spirit, Geena Rocero says, “I hope, the trans-community could feel that their stories matter, they need to be heard, and you’re enough. You’re a beautiful person by pursuing your truth, you are courageous, you should know that”. Having experienced the clichés of being a transgender, Geena Rocero is determined to tell her story and advocacy until transgender people will be equally recognized.

As Geena Rocero takes her advocacy in the Philippines, can the LGBT community expect a development in shaping their rights? Well, let’s see.



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