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The Amazing Story Of Being a Tricycle Driver taking Master’s Degree in Education

“Education is the key to success”, and “Poverty is not a hindrance to success”, are two of the most common proverbs that Filipinos really value. This have been taught by parents to young individuals especially to those that are experiencing a difficulty in college. The same value has been taught to, and now taught by the tricycle driver taking Master’s Degree, who have high hopes that such value would be imbibed by the young generation.


Source: YouTube/Abs-Cbn News

An excellent exemplar of an individual who has put to heart and mind these values is Rafael Yurag, a licensed teacher from Angolo, Rizal who drives a tricycle to earn enough money for his Master’s Degree in Education. His exceptional story has inspired individuals from all over the country after being notably featured in sites such as ABS-CBN News.

Rafael Yurag who never had the opportunity to enroll to college in his younger days, got his bachelor’s degree in Education when he already was 40 years old and passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) in 2012. Through his journey in college to acquire such respectable degree, Yurag has supported himself by driving a tricycle, earning 400 php per day. Amazingly, driving the tricycle remains a job that he never let go up to now although he is already teaching part-time in a school in Rizal since 2014.

Determined to earn more than the salary he gets from being a part-time teacher and become a better provider for his family, Rafael Yurag decided to continue studying and get a Master’s Degree in Education. With the hopes that driving a tricycle would help him earn an amount enough for him to pay for his tuition and school projects, Yurag continues to work as a tricycle driver after teaching.

His live-in partner, Renelyn Pencosas, was not in agreement with Yurag’s plan in the beginning, RachFeed reported. However, seeing how determined he was to make ends meet and find time to study convinced her to support the latter’s plan.

According to Buzzflare, it was actually a photo of him studying in the tricycle while waiting for passengers, with a book strapped between the handlebars of it that went viral in social media, consequently spreading his story – a tricycle driver taking Master’s Degree.

Guested in a talk show, Rated K, for the amazing story of being a tricycle driver taking Master’s Degree, Rafael Yurag noted his strong belief that the only person that can stop him from achieving his dreams is none but himself. He further expressed that his dreams are not only for his good, but also for the children of the next generation, saying,

… Kasi ang pangarap na ito, hindi lamang para sa akin, kundi doon sa mga bata na tuturuan ko sa mga susunod na panahon.”

Hoping to graduate after two years, Rafael Yurag is determined to use what he learned in college and in his Master’s Degree in Education to teach the next generation not only the lessons from books he read but also the virtues he learned from his journey to success.

Screen capture from YouTube/Abs-Cbn News:

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