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Zhao Delong Takes Care of His Paralyzed Father In His Dormitory

In the past my dad took me to the doctors, now my dad is ill, I can’t leave him behind.” These were the words from the university student  Zhao Delong, when asked about his paralyzed father, whom he brought with him in his university dormitory.

university student Zhao Delong

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Zhao Delong, a university student in Henan, China has just showed the world the real face and meaning of love – selfless, extraordinary and sacrificial, reported Godfruits. In his story featured in Catholic Online, university student Zhao Delong actually brought his paralyzed father to live with him in his university’s dormitory. There, he took care of his father by cooking food, cleaning and rehabilitating him, while he was studying at the same time. This selfless act has caught the attention of everyone in and out of China, and more people has become curious of their story.

Young as he was, Zhao Delong suffered physically and emotionally – he was suffered polio and his mother left him in the care of his father. Zhao’s sweet father was the one who showed him the real picture of love as he took care of his needs. He consistently carried Zhao on the back of his bike each day that he needed to see a doctor. After undergoing a surgery, Zhao could never walk and it was his father who was there to attend to his needs, just like a full-time caregiver. His father rehabilitated him until he gained strength and learned to walk again by himself.

After gaining a good health status, Zhao Delong was given the opportunity to study in a university. However, before his classes started, his father suffered from an unrecognized disease which consequently paralyzed him. As time passed, his father’s condition went worse and Zhao was left to make a way of handling what he and his father were going through.

Surprisingly, Zhao Delong made a decision that just marked the history of dormitories. University student Zhao Delong arranged to live in his university’s dormitory, packed his things and moved with his father. According to WND, Zhao and his father lived together in the dormitory, where Zhao does things to ensure that his father was in a good state and was comfortable. He even trims his father’s hair and washes his feet. Because of their unique situation, the university allocated the father and son a special dorm room.

Acting like a full-time caregiver was never easy, especially at Zhao’s young age. Nevertheless, university student Zhao Delong chose to give back the love his father has given him through taking care of both their dreams and their health. He even worked part-time to make ends meet, splitting his time for work, studies, and service for his father. Zhao Delong is surely a living epitome of a heart-warming display of familial love.

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