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Vhong Navarro vs Deniece and Cedric Lee

Vhong Navarro is a famous artist. He started from being a member of streetboys-a dance trope until then he entered the showbiz industry. Recently, he’s a regular host of Showtime in ABS-CBN. Everything was going all well in his career until the evening of January 22,2013 came where many people were shocked of the controversial report wherein he was beaten by a group of people which was said to be led by Cedric Lee, a famous businessman and was already noted of his different extortion cases. Each side already defended their part – Vhong stated everything that happened during that night in an interview and Deniece and Cedric also explained why did that event happened. Each of them already filed cases. Vhong filed several cases and this includes serious illegal detention, which, if proven, may cause a lifetime imprisonment of the suspects. Deniece also filed a rape case against the actor, which at first, she claimed, that its just an attempted rape. Different media tackled this very trending issue. This has been a very serious event on the part of the actor for it involves his career. The NBI is currently handling the case.Vhong Navarro

This Vhong Navarro vs Deniece/Cedric issue has reached the social networking sites and has been very trending. Bulky comments from different people filled the sites saying negative comments to Deniece, which is still 22 years old. In facebook, several pages has been made for both Deniece and Vhong. For Vhong – to show the people’s support but to Deniece – pages saying almost all negative thoughts and criticisms to her. Currently, the investigation is still on-going. The CCTV from the condominium already came out which contradicts Cedric Lee’s statement during an interview. It also supported Vhong’s story.

Whoever is true about this current issue, hopefully, justice will prevail this time. It’s okay to post comments on the networking sites but judging a person directly and saying foul words is another story. This could ruin someone else’s life. The truth will always come out and let’s just wait for it, not add burden to the issue.


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