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Vice Ganda Removes Make-up to Oppose Bullying

Teenage is said to be the most crucial stage of a person. This is when he learns to make decisions, to face consequences, and to face the world he is in. However, no matter how exciting teenage is, issues such as bullying makes the course much crucial than ever.

In a segment of a renowned noontime show in the Philippines, ABS-CBN’s Showtime, famous performer/comedian Vice Ganda reveals his ‘true beauty’ to comfort a bullied teenager named Pamela Reyes.

The segment AdVice Ganda entices audience to share their problems, and Vice Ganda, with other Showtime Hosts Jugs and Teddy, would give advices and suggestions in a way that entertains other audiences as well.

The segment last May 28 became a local top trending in Twitter – Philippines when Vice Ganda removed his make-up, hair extension and contact lenses. This was after a 16-year old student, with teary-eyes, shared her dilemma of being called ‘ugly’ by her schoolmates. She was indeed hurt and troubled of how people in this timed could easily judge by someone’s appearance. “Nananahimik lang kaming mga sinasabihan ninyong pangit pero deep inside ang sakit sakit. Daig pa namin ‘yung sinasaksak eh,” Reyes said.

The audience were emotionally moved after by how Vice Ganda managed to leave the words, “Ito ako, ito si Vice Ganda. Hindi makinis ang mukha ko para sa paningin ng iba, mataas ang hairline ko. Ngayon picturan niyo akong lahat, ikalat niyo sa Internet. Pagtawanan niyo ako. Laitin niyo ako. Sabihin niyo ang lahat ng nais niyong sabihin. Wala akong pakialam“, reported Bandera Inquirer.

The comedian further addressed the other bullying victims not to keep silent but ask for guidance and help instead; that being beautiful just to be accepted by the society is nothing compared to being truly beautiful in the inside. He even recalled some lines that he stated during his recent concert dubbed as Vice Gandang Ganda sa Sarili Eh Di Wow at the Big Dome, reported Push.

ABS-CBN News stated that the comedian hopes to discourage bullying. After the heart-warming segment, the #ProudToBeMe in Twitter became the local top trending in the country. Netizens also posted pictures of themselves in Instagram in cooperation for the campaign against bullying. So, what’s your move?

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