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The Wheel of Torture by Biñan, Laguna police officers

A roulette has been used by game shows in order to find their luck on the prizes. There’s a certain feeling of thrill while waiting for the wheel to stop rolling. This feeling is very much contradicted to the 41 prisoners of Biñan,Laguna who were abused and tortured by the police in their own torture chamber. This was such a very horrifying news since this gave us a realization that the Philippine police now could not be trusted anymore. I’m not talking in general but as observed nowadays in  different areas, several unlawful acts were already committed by some of our police. Before, brutal torture were just seen in movies or could only be seen in different countries but now, it’s happening in the Philippines. This is a very sad reality. The detainees were already punished through imprisonment but they were still brutally abused by these police.

The said wheel of torture were composed of the following:

1. 20 second Manny Pacman which means 20 punches

2. 3 minutes zombies

3. 20 seconds tusok ulo k0

4. 30 seconds duck walk/ferris wheel

5. hayahayyyWheel of Torture

Imagine how are these things done? The police officers just made this as an entertainment and they even do this while they are drunk. This is strongly against human rights. According to the initial investigation by the CHR, there were about 41 victims of this brutality. Some of the victims were identified as follows: Greg Montemayor,Leody Camacho,Rowelito Almeda, Isiah Hadlocon, Jayvee Dimapilis, Neil Castillo, Mark Frederick Lim, Hector Domalaon, Dell Ramos Robertson, Leo Umali Romasanta, Kristofferson Climaco Cesar, Emilio Enesin, Catherine Viray and Jimmy Lectura. Most of them were said to be hit by a baseball bat. The brutal officers were also identified as Chief Insp. Arnold Formento, SPO1 Alexander Asis, PO3 Freddie Ramos, PO2 Marc Julius Caesar, PO2 Aldwin Tibuc, PO2 Melmar Baybado Viray, PO1 Nelson Caribo, SPO2 Bernardino Artisen, PO2 Mateo Cailo and PO2 Renan Galang. The Philippine National Police already filed cases for these police officers and were already suspended from their job.

Source: Inquirer.net-

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