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The Worlds Oldest Man In Guinness Book of Records

In our current generation, our lifespan has been already short. That is why we will say that life is too short. It is because we cannot live a hundred year old unlike before during the time of Noah, that Noah was still alive at the age of 500 years, based on the Bible Hub.  Thus, it is very lucky or admirable for us to know that some people are still alive at the age of 75 or more. How much more if there is news about the oldest person alive is 131 years old? Is it not amazing to know that someone has broken the Guinness Book of Record’s holder of being oldest person alive is Yasutaro Koide, a- 112-year-old from Japan? And this worlds oldest man might be Joao Coelho de Souza, 131 years old. It is discovered that he was living with his wife, 62 years old, yet she is 69 years younger than him.


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Well, there is still a critique that the used document as proof has a typographical error. There is still need more investigation to claim that this Joao Coelho de Souza before recognizing him as the worlds oldest man alive. However, according to his daughter, Cirlene Souza, who is only 30 years old, does not the claim and said: “You hear everything: People that criticize and say it’s a lie and others that admire the fact someone can live so long. It sometimes offends me because everything is documented and the documents have already been examined by experts to see if they’d been falsified and nothing abnormal was found. He has days when he is lucid but others when he doesn’t even recognise his children. He was very small when he came to work in Acre extracting rubber. He has been with my mum for more than 40 years and depends on others for everything.”

Furthermore, if an appeal has been approved, he would be the newest holder of the Guinness Books of Record as being the oldest person alive or the worlds oldest man. Here is an appeal from the report of the Mirror: “I present to you Jose Coelho de Souza, who came to Acre when he was 11. Thus, added “I appeal to the state government and the local government in Sena Madureira to determine with the competent bodies whether this is true so they can claim a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the oldest man on the Earth. And he’s from our region.”

Indeed, being enlisted as the Worlds oldest man alive is more than an honor to one’s country yet it is all about God’s wills. Our lives here on Earth are all about God’s will. We cannot choose when our time will end so we should live our life according to the wills of God.

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