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XB Gensan: Back to Back Victor of Dance2Dance

Photo Credits to: Philippine Scoop (originally taken from Youtube: Shini Dani's video)

Photo Credits to: Philippine Scoop
(originally taken from Youtube: Shini Dani’s video)

Another victory of XB Gensan is added to the Philippine history!

XB Gensan, a group of hip hop dancers from General Santos City, is presently topping the list of prominent dance groups in the country. Juts last November 4, the group brought home the bacon from the 2016 Dance2Dance: The World Street Dance Showcase Championship held at Zurich, Switzerland. Winning over the best dance crews from different countries, XB Gensan surely made a mark in the world’s history of dancing.

The declaration of XB Gensan as the victor of such prestigious dance competition made all Filipinos proud and loud, especially those who have seen the group start from scratch and make it to the spotlight.

XB Gensan was originally known as Extreme Boyz Gensan. The group had its first appearance on national television when they joined ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime. It was after winning as the first grand champion of the said noontime show that the dance group started making their name known in the Philippine show business. They became part of the noontime show where they give both the live and television viewers a dose of their jaw-dropping dance performances.

XB Gensan already competed in the 2015 Dance2Dance Competition and bagged the top prize. It ranked first over the other participants from different countries. That victory already brought great honor to the country and to the Filipino people.

This year, the group was determined to keep the title. Their supporters, including the It’s Showtime crew have been really excited to see them on the Dance2Dance stage again. As hoped, XB Gensan defended their title as the Dance2Dance Champions. It has become a back to back victor the said dance competition.

Yet, more than defending the title and giving fun and awe to the show’s audience and judges, it was the pride that XB Gensan gave to the country and its people through dancing that mattered the most for them.

The members of XB Gensan expressed their gratitude to all the people who supported them. This included their family, friends, and the Filipino people who never doubted their capability to excel. Finally, the group dedicated the glory of the victory back to the Almighty.

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