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Yulin Festival: A Tradition in China Slaughtering Thousands of Dogs and Cats

“Dogs are man’s best-friend”

Person can have true love and loyal friends, and that’s what our dogs can offer.

Dogs use the eyes and ears for the blind and deaf, therapy of an illness and disability, a best-friend. Dogs comfort and soothe a heart that hurt too much. They perform search and rescue when calamities come like landslides and earthquake that buried people and towns. Can hunt and track lost hikers and find missing bodies. Dogs can sniff out illegal drugs and bombs buried in hiding places. They track the worst of criminals and help fight wars as well as guarding you, your family and property against from harm. However, some country see dogs and cats as ticket for a meal.

Let’s take a step to the history of the Yulin Festival and understand their tradition.

This June 21-22 marks the Yulin festival, in Yulin Guangxi Zhuang where thousands of pets slaughtered and eaten by Yulin residents yearly.  A tradition that dates back generations to celebrate the summer solstice. Animal activists estimate over 10,000 dogs killed for this event, according to Time.

Believing that eating dog meat stimulates internal heat, making it a food for preparation for the coming winter.

Many of stolen dogs brought to the city before the festival on June 22. Many died of shock, starvation and dehydration during the journey, according to Daily Mail.

Human Society International launched an investigation after it suspected thousands of cats and dogs were slaughtered for food. The local slaughterhouse workers ordered to kill animals under the cover of darkness and restaurants told to remove the words ‘dog meat’ from their menus in a take on to cover up the festival’s existence. Yulin government has declared the festival will not happen, but still thousands of dogs died for their meat whether festival or not.

There was an incident like the Yulin festival that banned for killing hundreds of dogs’ way back 2011 in Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival but then in Yulin, butchered 15,000 animals that year. It toned down after a widespread social media campaign started by animal rights activists.

This past few months, netizens had been outrage with this barbaric crime. Using the hashtag #StopYulin2015 millions of tweets posted in different social media. Many foreigners felt rage in this crime. The US animal welfare group Duo Duo whose change.org petition calling to postpone the event has received more than 200,000 signatures. Their video posted in Youtube viewed more than 130,000 times.

Not all Chinese are practicing this tradition. A pet owner named Yang Xiaoyun, 65-year-old is trying to sabotage a horrible dog meat festival in China by rescuing as many dogs as she can. She buys dogs that are ready for slaughter direct from traders at the festival and take them to a safe house. Bringing with her savings 50,000 Yuan (£5,000) she will travel 1,652 miles from her hometown Tianjin to Yulin to rescue animals. Last year, she rescued 360 dogs and dozens of cats from the festival.

We hope the cries of millions of people to stop this crime will reached the people in Yulin. Animals are the wonderful creation by God. He gave us the responsibility to give care and look over His creation.

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