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Zamboanga’s Pink Beach: Next on the List!

Zamboanga's pink beach

Photo Credits to: Out of Town Blog

Ever heard of the Zamboanga’s pink beach? If you did, I’m sure you have been curious about it too. If you are looking for a less-crowded, yet great place to spend your holidays, then you are at the right place. Zamboanga’s pink beach is surely a-place-to-be for couples who want to celebrate an outdoor Valentine adventure, for singles who just want to “date” themselves, for barkadas who want to have fun, and for families who want to spend time with each other.

Zamboanga’s pink beach is specifically located at Sta. Cruz Island. It is actually composed to two islands – one where people could spend holidays at, and another which is used as a military camp. The latter is restricted to the public.

Red Coral

Photo Credits to: Out of Town Blog

What make the sand of Zamboanga’s pink beach pink are the crushed red corals which are blended with the white sand of the island. The said red corals are also known as organ pipe corals. The hues of pink in the seashore make the place really gorgeous and fab. The soft, cool feeling of the sand even under the sun in the midday, as well, makes the place more fit for outdoor relaxation and bonding. Swimming in the inviting waters will complete the day.

Zamboanga's pink beach

Photo Credits to: Out of Town Blog

Among the things that can be done in the island are riding a Vinta, snorkeling, diving, bird watching, boating, lagoon touring, and of course, engaging with the culture of the Sama-Bangingi community.

Since Zamboanga’s pink beach is a protected area, only little cottages can be found and camping is not allowed. This is to keep the place an ideal habitat for various species of animals. There are no restaurants too. Nevertheless, you can still have a taste of the local food by asking seafood sellers to cook some for you.

Pinoy Adventurista has listed a few fees to be included in your budget.

Terminal Fee:              5.00 php/person

Entrance Fee:              100.00 php/person

Boat Fee:                        1000.00 php (1-10 persons)

Cottage Rentals:

Small (6 persons)    –    100.00 php

Large (10 persons)  –    200.00 php

Pavilion (15-30 persons)   –   500.00 php


Affordable, isn’t it? A rare, lovely place such as the Zamboanga’s pink beach should be the next on your bucket list.

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